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Chicago’s Largest Landlord

Urban Abodes is the industry leader in apartment leasing and boasts the largest selection of quality apartment rentals in all of the Chicago metropolitan area.
Geeks Chicago built the last iteration of the Urban Abodes website back in 2011. With its success, and the landlord’s rapidly growing inventory, Urban Abodes asked Geeks Chicago to scale
the infrastructure into a new and even more robust marketing and CRM platform to handle Urban Abodes needs for increased automation in its sales and client / landlord management.

ALL NEW USER EXPERIENCE - responsive everything

A New Web Design

While the old site we designed was a trend setting, lead generation machine… it was time to take it up a notch. While obvious new opportunities for high-impact full screen imagery was used, the real emphasis was on creating a design which minimized user fatigue throughout the complete apartment search to schedule a viewing process. The result is easy on the eyes and geared to convert. Visit

RESPONSIVE DESIGN - special attention to the multi-device

Useability where it matters.

A detailed review of the past site’s performance revealed that, almost 50% of Urban's traffic was from mobile - the rise in mobile being the primary access point to the internet is a trend which shows no sign of abating. We future- proofed Urban Abodes website, with the goal of making the apartment
search feature incredibly easy to use on the go, allowing users to schedule apartment viewings, shortlist and favorite multiple units and make quick inquiries in a snap.

DEDICATED APP - responsive everything

Empower Users And Sales Members

An even leaner search tool than the mobile site, our Urban Abodes Search App was designed for the discerning user and Urban’s vast sales force. Lighting fast results displays multiple housing options based on your location in just a few clicks… The perfect high-volume Chicago apartment search tool.

CRM, CMS - smart tracking

Accountability, Less Leakage, More Profit

The backend system we build for our clients’ internal marketing and tracking provides clients with real-time data, including the results of all the agents in the office. Through this easy-to-use system, agents can market their listings efficiently across multiple websites. This means agents can market more apartments and that turns into more rentals for Urban Abodes.

CURRENT ANALYSIS - performance quanitfied

The Result.

So how did all of Geeks Chicago’s reimagined lead, CRM and sales platforms translate to real world results? Urban Abodes’s traffic increased over 10x from 1300/mo to 16,000/mo making them one of the top compaines in the Chicago apartment market and their inventory the most visible in Google’s search
results. Moreover, leads seen a proportional increase, the sales team improved the placement rate by roughly 1.5x with the improved CRM and the automation system translated to higher tenant retention and relocation overall.

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