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If it blinks, hums, clicks or beeps, Geeks Chicago is ready to help. We can provide your business with a full range of digital services, from traditional web design to innovative marketing strategies. Take a look at our service list below, click through to learn more, and then get in touch with us for your free initial project consultation.


World-Class Web Design

Did you know that about 80% of customers research businesses online before making a purchase? Your website is your new business card, and it's vitally important that it makes a good first impression. Geeks Chicago can make sure your site shines… whether it's 5 pages or 5,000!

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IPhone & Android Apps

Mobile is the new Internet, and the smartest businesses are moving quickly to grab an early lead in this fast-growing field. Next year, more Americans are projected to go online via mobile than through traditional computers. Let us help you build mobile apps that will help you seize this growing opportunity.

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Web Development

Do you need a company that actually "gets" you? Need a crew that will listen to your vision and then make it happen? We've got good news for you: that's us. Geeks Chicago is much more than your basic web services company, and we're geared toward making your concept a reality. From your content management system like WordPress or Drupal all the way down to finite PHP testing, we've got you covered.

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Hosting/Server Security

Geeks Chicago offers one-stop shopping for all your web needs. Our expert network engineers can provide you with reliable website hosting, network security, and protection from online hackers or other website safety and security issues, starting at just $10 a month!

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Agency Outsourcing

Agency work is always up and down depending on the season and client. Why hire contract developers that you need to manage and require additional office space when you could hire us?

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