IPhone & Android Apps

A few years ago, a website was the only digital property most small businesses were thinking about. Now, with almost as many Americans using mobile devices to go online as traditional computers, mobile apps represent a growing opportunity. You might think that creating a mobile app for your business is too expensive or complicated, but with Geeks Chicago, it isn't.

We are experts at app development, and we can show you how easy and affordable creating an iPhone or Android app can be. With a mobile app, your business can seize opportunities it might otherwise miss. Plus, you can outclass your competition by offering your customers a level of convenience and sophistication that other businesses can't match. If you're curious about what kind of app you can afford, call us at anytime at 888 783 2442 for a complimentary consultation, or contact us .

We build apps that turns prospects into customers--and your competitors green with envy

  • If you have an idea, we can build it. If you have no clue where to start, let us help you get started
  • We'll support you all throughout the process, even after the app is built
  • Our coding practices adhere to industry standards and best-practices, so your app will be sustainable for years

Phones, Tablets & More

With an app that works on Apple and Android phones and tablets, you'll reach customers you might otherwise miss. Shopping and business transactions are easier and more convenient on a dedicated app, and we can show you how to optimize your potential sales… without spending a fortune.

No Technical Skills Required

We'll build your business a mobile app that's as easy to use as the business software you use every day. You don't need to be a coder or programmer to use the apps we build. We'll train you on how to load in your content, change your settings, and control the experience

Industry Leading Support

With Geeks Chicago, building the app is just the first part of the job. We'll support you as long as you need, with a dedicated customer service rep who is available virtually 24/7. Even years after your app is launched, we'll be there if you ever have any questions about how to use it.