PHP, Java, and much more...

Whether your company or job is a small start-up or a large corporation that just needs some help, Geeks Chicago is here for you. In addition to a deep knowledge of PHP, we're experts in Java and the structures and substructures that go with each of those technologies.

Your new PHP website will be fully supported by our staff around the clock. We build using frameworks like Symfony, CodeIgniter, or Zend and support all major IDEs like Eclipse and Netbeans. Code quality tools like PHP Check Style are used throughout the process, with full memory and file caching as well. We take advantage of ORMs like Doctrine or Propel to keep your queries quick, and your website agile too.

When your website needs a bit more, we'll be there with Java bells on. We use the popular Spring framework to keep your site nimble, and the industry-standard Eclipse developer's environment. Apache, mySQL, and Amazon Simple keep your database humming, and we take full advantage of the Amazon Cloud for all your indexing needs.

If you've looked at a website and thought "I want that to be our site!" your next step is to call Geeks Chicago. Whether you need a simple, elegant site to communicate your services to clients and customers or a front-end for your deep database of services or goods, we're here for you. We utilize open source software that is always up to date and can make your website mobile-friendly for your tablet and smartphone visitors as well.

If a great website is what you need, we're here to deliver it. Give us a call if you like, or feel free to get hold of us via the site.